SPI1 d0 output - debian 8.4

Hello all

I am trying to run spi1 as d0 output (mosi) with the latest image (debian 8.4 jessie)

Using universal-io overlay, I have spi1 working but d0 is always input (miso)

I have disabled universal-io and loaded BB-SPI1-01-00A0.dts but with this spi pins don't toggle. I guess I can't disable hdmi

Can you please guide me?
Has anyone got spi1 as d0 output working reliably?



- ti,pindir-d0-out-d1-in: Select the D0 pin as output and D1 as
input. The default is D0 as input and
D1 as output.

Make sure you load the spi *.dtbo via /boot/uEnv.txt, it needs to be
loaded early..