Sponsored Projects

Don't forget to register your projects on http://beagleboard.org/project and enter them on http://eLinux.org/BeagleBoard/contest for a chance to get free BeagleBoards to execute your project. Also, be sure to update your home page with your project status, because based on the execution of your project you'll have an opportunity to win a Gumstix Palo43 system or an Always Innovating Touch Book.

What is the requirements of entry? Does the project need to be already
in progress or can you enter with only a project idea?


I think you should start entering at "the idea" stage itself, that
could win you a board to bring your idea into reality. May be you can
mention that you are looking for a board ...


Expressing interest in the Gumstix or Always Innovating systems will
be good. It is really up to them to see that projects are generating
something useful for their products, but they are committed to giving
away a system a month to people successfully executing these projects
(if they have been given BeagleBoards approved or not).

Get started by registering your project on the contest page following
the directions on that page.

A quick update on FMFrame. Haven't much time to work at it, but hope
to get some time again in the near future.
Basic slideshow including transistions and reading of rss/twitter data
is there (but the latter needs some more work)
UI to change settings is still to be done.