Spotify on Beagle

Spotify makes a lot of sense to me on Beagle because it gives access
to a huge amount of music but doesn't require a lot of disk space...

The company doesn't make a Linux client but they do make an API -
currently only available for IA32 Linux. I've logged something in
their (active, well monitored) support system requesting an ARM port
of the API.

If there is demand from people other than me for such an API, then it
might be worth letting the company know by watching or asking
questions about my request here:

I am aware of the 'other ways around' to do this, but I would much
prefer to be able to use an official API, given that all ways
currently require a premium account anyway...

Does anyone know any good lightweight IA32 apps that use the API that
could be easily ported if an ARM binary becomes available?