Spped up boot time of BBB

I am using BBB with ubuntu-12.04-armhf-presize . I am getting a booting time 11 sec. I want to reduce it to 4 to 5 sec.
How can I achieve this.

Hi Kishor,

You need to fully understand booting Linux in order to get anywhere near
4-5 seconds. I would start by setting the u-boot timeout to 0 and then
possibly starting your application directly with the init=.... method.

After that, it is all down to custom optimisation that only you can do
and you can only do it once you fully understand the boot process.

If I was doing it personally, I would recommend Angstrom, systemd and
the init method. systemd also has a boot chart measurement tool that you
can use to your advantage. systemd has a fantastic set of documentation
detailing all of this.


Hii Jack,

Hii Jack,
Thank you for reply. I am trying the same thing that you said but it wil take long time because I am a new to ubuntu.
I am doing my best. If there are some tweaks please share with me.

Thanking you.


Hi Kishor,

Unfortunately with embedded systems (of any kind really) generic tweaks
are not going to work. Each application and use case is generally so
specific that you cannot say.

The only thing I can say with certainty, is that if you haven't already
set your boot time-out to zero, then do that.

Other truly generic tweaks, but also pretty unhelpful, would be:

- Use a more efficient programming language
- Don't run an X Server, this takes a while to get running
- Reduce the enabled IP blocks, and hence the amount of drivers needed
to be loaded at boot.
- Minimise the daemons you start at boot time, think about starting them
when and as needed, if they are indeed required at all.

Good luck with your project.