SSD1306-OLED patch in /usr/src/kernel/patches, what does that imply?

I downloaded the kernel-sources of Angstrom on a BeagleBoardBlack with

opkg update
opkg upgrade
opkg install kernel-dev.

I am tying to communicate with a sparkfun mpu6050 and a SSD1306 Oled screen on the I2c bus.

I noticed that in
there are patches that link to a build tree,



What does that mean? Are these patches incorporated in the current kernel?

I'm certain the patches are applied in the default install. I have a custom kernel and a 1306 display, and it is patched by default, too. I build the kernel with the same Bitbake workflow that Angstrom uses so other than my customizations (PPS support), I have the same kernel.

Thanks for the confirmation. So as there apparently is a driver, and I can see the display with i2cdetect, how do you display something on the display?
(I’m a newbie in i2c).