SSH fails to connect Buster IoT on BBB

I’ve revived three BBB’s that I was using in 2014-2016. They are all loaded nicely with the latest Debian Buster IoT running on the eMMC. I am using the serial debug port to get things going, but now I’d like to work a little further from the BBB. Enter SSH. I always used SSH in the past across my home network. I still have the same switches that I had six years ago, so I don’t suspect my network. The beaglebone shows the sshd process running. I am using the same putty or bitvise, but neither can connect sitting on the same lan. The BBB responds nicely to ping, so I know I have the address correct. I am using port 22. But in all cases, the connection just times out.
I am looking for more things to try to get my SSH connections going again.


I used to have trouble w/ outdated images. I bring this up b/c once my current bot at the time worked but then quickly stopped working. I could not figure out what happened.

I am sure you have data you would like to keep but all I did was update to the current images. Just for reference, the Debian Distro being used is sort of kernel 5.10.x, i.e. depending on what people like currently.

To any light, I could not get the same functionality on the exact same image w/ the exact same kernel.

Either Linux changed w/ updates/upgrades or there was a major change in the Buster image w/ kernel 4.14.x at the time. Either way, I had to let go and update to the current, latest-greatest.


P.S. I found it peculiar at the time but a lot changes. If you look at this site for Buster images, this forum, or Bullseye images, there should be a list of current builds from the persons. Oh! I am sure other people will have their ideas known soon, i.e. as I am not affiliated w/ the people but updating images/kernels sometimes keeps things current…

I noticed some changes in the newer images compared to the older kernel images from '18 and '20.

If you need particular help, I can try. Please just list the current build. Who knows? It may be the current u-boot is outdated. But since you cannot ssh in, try to use a COM Port on Windows. This may get you in to adjust things so you can ssh in later.

Thanks, Seth,
I am in, I am using the serial debug port. I didn’t think of updating the distro. I need to do that. I’ll look it up. What I am using right now is from this page: - latest-images
Is that the latest?

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Oh! The UART header works too! Nice.

  1. Here is a link in this forum for “testing” images:
    a. Debian 11 (bullseye) Testing Images

  2. Here is another link for “current” images:
    a. Debian 11.x (Bullseye) - Monthly Snapshots

Those work. If you use WiFi for boards w/ the am335x or other variants of processors from people, networkd is used now. So, connmanctl has been retired currently.


P.S. I think one of the two sites listed here has info. about the change. Oh and you can downgrade or whatever it is called when switching to older Distros and kernels. So, if you like 4.19.x over 5.4.x or whatever, there are new scripts for that now. apt!

Looking at the snapshots, I suppose this one is the right one for me? Since it doesn’t say flasher, I’m going to have to remove the comments in the uEnv boot file, right?


Hello @Philip_Theis ,

Seth here again. I use the ti branches located at Debian 11.x (Bullseye) - Monthly Snapshots , I think.

Anyway, I think it is called sudo ./beagle-flasher now but do not quote me. I will have to look it up.

The script is already installed and can be run in the $HOME dir.


P.S. I know this may sound funny but I have always had a better chance of programming peripherals on the BBB w/ the ti kernels. The bone kernels always beat me (for whatever reason). So, heads up!


It is called enable-beagle-flasher I think: Debian 11.x (Bullseye) - Monthly Snapshots .


P.S. Here: .

I’ll try the one in your P.S., I’ll see if it flashes.
Thank you

@Philip_Theis ,

Also, I noticed that the BBBs that were in production years ago hold some valuable resource(s).

  1. They keep booting!
  2. I think they have a limit but I have not in my lifetime seen this limit exemplified.
  3. and then the rest of everything they offer!


@Philip_Theis ,

Sir, the one in the P.S. will boot to SD Card and then the link listed as enable-beagle-flasher will provide you w/ the script to handle flashing to eMMC.


Ah, good to know.
I suppose the TI images won’t have bone script. Just pure Debian. I can work with just about anything, simple plan for these. Yes, they just keep working. And, they’re not expensive to replace.

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Every, I am pretty sure here, image that is produced by the people should have the u-boot, kernel, and scripts they provide. I think.


P.S. I used to dig more but my readings have been held back recently. So, I have not had to dig in the images that much recently. I am floating on top sort of currently, i.e. just using C and Python to learn how to program w/ the Linux systems they provide for their am335x boards. I am a terrible programmer as most people know, i.e. not naming any names.

Well that image works with SSH, so you are right about the older one that I was using. I am off and running with SSH now. I’ll figure out the flash. Thank you very much. You are on the spot and very helpful. I wrote in C in the 80’s and 90’s and did a project about 8 years ago with BBB. I always have to relearn when I come back to it. I’m just an old guy having fun. :blush:


I am not too old yet. I still have many readings ahead of me to learn more about Linux, am335x stuff, and the other two, newer boards w/ the am5729 and that BBAI-64 (which is a fast machine).

So, time will tell. I have small projects so far. Nothing too tempting to brag about currently.


P.S. And yes, things change from what I can tell so far. Sometimes things move slowly in the change or sometimes things are like a ball going down hill that just keeps changing faster. Either way, I am here now. So, if any other, not too intrinsic, happenings take place, I can try to pitch in.