ssh-keygen For BeagleBone Black?

Does Angstrom offer an ssh-keygen software product in the console image for BeagleBone Black?


Bob Cochran

angstrom comes with dropbear installed which uses dropbearkey to generated ssh-keys. Dropbear uses its own type of sshkey and is tricky to use with other computers running openssh (or the server in my university dont like it), so I usually remove dropbear and install openssh and then can use the regular ssh-heygen


Pedro, thank you. I solved my immediate problem by using ssh-keygen on another computer to get the key pairs I needed. I will look into your solution of removing dropbear and installing openssh instead.


Well I can see I'm on the stupid side today. I ssh'ed into my Beaglebone Black, removed dropbear...and lost my ssh connection. Of course.


I did the following to get it installed

opkg update
opkg install openssh-keygen