SSH to the BBB

Hello all,

I noticed a very strange thing when booting my BBB.

First of all I am booting angstrom from my SD card ( Angstrom-Cloud9-IDE-GNOME-eglibc-ipk-v2012.12-beaglebone-2013.05.24.img.xz).

The system will boot but I cannot SSH to the board. I am powering the board with the USB (of course) and the external power. But the strange thing is that sometimes I can connect to the board, it’s kind of hit and miss. At first, if I connect to the board with the USB first and then after the lights go on I connect the external power, then it will work. But after awhile, it’s the external power first and then the USB. Changes all the time…

Your help is appreciated!


Are you trying to SSH in through the USB Ethernet Adapter, or over the RJ-45 based adapter?

Through the USB Ethernet Adapter