stable replacement for 3.8.13 kernel on BBB

Hi there,

On the 3.8.13 kernel (currently using bone66, but it happened in previous versions too) I’m experiencing an occasional kernel panic that I can’t see to avoid. If you’re interested in details, I reported it here. The issue is supposedly fixed in the 3.12 kernel (according to this report).

With the wide variety of kernel releases, I’m not sure which one is the most stable as the Beagle is running as a headless server where I’d like to have as little downtime as possible, especially since with the current issue, I have to be physically present and manually power cycle it as it won’t reboot on its own.

The Beagle boots from the eMMC and has an SD card for storage. The network port is a key component in my set up. Then there’s also a USB thumb drive attached where tmp and log files are stored, plus there’s a swap partition on it in case more memory is needed. I don’t need any cape support, but would like to have basic ACPI support so I can initiate a Debian shutdown with the power button on the BBB, and on finished shutdown, the Beagle should power down on its own.

Which kernel release would you recommend? I’d also appreciate a few thoughts on why you’d recommend a particular release.

Thanks for your help.


Information about the one i'm working on to replace the v3.8.13 tree is here:

There's still issue with it randomly rebooting and the power button
doesn't shut it down fully yet.


After updating to the kernel 3.14.19-ti-r27 I can’t boot my BBB anymore. User leds light up all 4 and then I mostly just see the heatbeat led and not much other activity and I can’t SSH into it. I don’t have a serial cable so I don’t have access to any more details than that.

Searching the net, I came across this thread where someone had a similar issue:!searchin/beagleboard/Image$20Name$3A$20$20$203.14.19/beagleboard/rkiFSA1cXvU/mua-2y7zg8IJ

Could this be an issue with my uEnv.txt file as well?
Since I set up the Debian on the eMMC back in September 2013, I haven’t reflashed the system and only updated it via apt-get. Any way to update the file without having to reflash the eMMC so I don’t have to reinstall the system?

Here’s what’s in my uEnv.txt

If I roll back to a backup with the 3.8.13 kernel, is there anything I should before running the kernel update to avoid this issue?



Change your load addrees's it's overlapping with the kernel..


I changed the addresses, but the BBB still won’t boot up. Now it’s in a bootloop - At first the heartbeat lights up for half a second before all 4 leds light up. Then the leds go dark and it repeats itself.
Here’s my revised uEnv.txt:

Did I make a mistake or is there still anything missing?

I wonder if perhaps the hard coded address in the last line might be the culprit?


Ah, I missed that the hard coded address in the last line also was also a fdtaddr occurrence that I still needed to fix. However, it still didn’t work afterwards, so I got rid of the variables I had set up and replaced them all with the new hard coded addresses. That did the trick - phew!

Thanks again for your help!