Stack 15.4 sensor to cloud linux gateway example

Hello all,

I am working on this project .

I am trying to perform the steps in this section in the above link:
BeagleBone Black SD Card Program the SD card with the Linux processor SDK image using the following steps:

  1. Download the prebuilt TI Linux processor SDK SD card image from (where xx.xx.xx.xx is the version number of the latest Linux Processor SDK).
  2. To program the micro SD memory card, see the instructions in Processor SDK Linux Creating an SD Card with Windows

If I navigate to the link mentioned in the steps , the required image I see is 16GB. Is that the right image? Does that mean that only booting from the MicroSD card is possible and I can’t run the program by booting from the EMCC flash ( the memory built in the beagle bone black wireless?


Neil Mustafa.