standard cape eprom for ds1307

As the beagle bone lacks a Nonvolatile RTC and a ds1307 is realitively easy to add, what would it take to come up with a standard cape eprom that would tell the bone to go looking for a ds1307 and load the proper drivers. once the cape eprom existed what would it take to get this “cape” recognized by angstrom and hopefully debian (or other distros…)



Other than the fact that the ds1307 is a 5V logic part, this shouldn't
be hard. The ds1337 or ds1339 might be better choices, being available
in 3.3 V logic (plus, the "1337 rtc" is a nice name for a board :).

I run a ds1339C on a custom cape. It works.

Fill in an EEPROM as per the bone SRM and then send a patch to the list
for the kernel to detect it and enable it. See the other capes and how
they get configured in the 3.2 board-file or in the device trees for
mainline kernels.

If the kernel sees it, distro choice won't matter. It'll work for all
of them.