Starterware files needed to create executable for beaglebone

Hey everybody,

Excuse me if this is already explained, but i could not find a clear answer…so here i am.

My goal is to load an executable to beaglebone white and see it working…Unfortunately i am a complete newbie
and thus i would need your help. Please show patience:) and excuse my ignorance for the following questions.
To begin with, i have used Starterware’s source and header files along with some i created and i have managed to build them
successfully via arm-gcc cross toolchain. My intention is to load the produced executable in my board with the help of Code
Composer Studio.
The problem is that i suspect that i haven’t linked all the necessary files. I mean, i guess that there should be some files
regarding some initialization of the board or some memory mapping, aren’t they?
So my question is:
What extra files should be also built and/or inked? (for example something like startup.c from starterware)
I have noticed that when building a project via CCS, the latter creates automatically a linker command file, appropriate for the target board.
Don’t i need something like this?

I hope my question is clear but feel free to ask for clarifications.

Thanks in advance