Starterware : software to convert the file.c using with LCD3 beaglebone

I 'm working with non-OS starterware , I dont find the software to convert .c file or image file for LCD3 cape beaglebone . where can I download it?
Anyone know it , please help me !!!
Thanks a lot

Can you take a look at this and see if this is what you are looking for?


Hi Hieu
The link you post is about beaglebone with OS , but I 'm working beaglebone with Starterware (not use OS).
Anyway thank you very much.

2012/12/13 Hieu Duong <>

Found this gem of a site which has starterware project that drives the LCD3 cape and display a simple word on it after the touchscreen has been pressed twice (for calibration).
The screen is shifted slightly, but it’s probably a minor setting to adjust.
It also looks like it can be set up to drive the LCD7 cape.

The project is am335xSDK_V1.0.rar