starting up a program automatically

Normally in linux, I think of rc.local as the file to add programs to
invoke at boot time, but I dont find an rc.local on the Angstrom
distribution for the Beagle Board.

To make it more interesting, I have inherited a Beagle Board with a
modest mplayer program that I have to understand and modify and this
begs two questions:

1. Where is the normal place to add the invocation of a startup
program in Angstrom where there is no rc.local?

2. What are the incantations to change the X screen resolution on a
running X-windows system from 640x480 to 1024x768 (or are there such

Signed, "puzzled"

Perhaps a light 'blub' illuminated above my head and Mr.Murphy merely
demanded I express my naivety in public.

In trying to answer my own question, it seems that we can create an
rc.local script and link it as S99Local in the appropriate init level

Would this be the most common method to use to have a program start up

On the second part of my question, I am still struggling to understand
if it is possible to change the screen resolution on the fly from
within a booted Beagle Board running X.