Starting up: which board to put together a lightweight portable system

Guess I gotta find the answers by myself, or check another board.

Probably since I am not into doing anything too crazy with these boards I do not belong here; thanks.

It is the weekend and the most activity is during the week. Sounds like the first thing you need to check into is a little patience as you will need that to gather all the answers you seek.

For what you are looking for, the BeagleBone will be your best solution as it has LCD(3 different versions), DVI, VGA, and HDMI add-on boards ready to go and it already has a battery board as well.

The -xM already has a DVID output and an LCD 7" panel you can buy. Battery solutions are available as well. Check out Liquidware for the battery ad an LCD solution. Google should bring those up with no issue.

The next thing you need to decide is which version of the Linux operation system you want to run.


Sounds like the LCD7 cape with a ruggedized enclosure would do the trick. I believe the LCD7 cape supports an additional cape so you could actually have a BeagleBone + LCD7 + additional cape with that configuration.

This battery is what I've been using with the BeagleBone:

That's 10,000mAh capacity for $60, it will run the BeagleBone for over eight hours on a single charge. Has two USB ports so you could add an additional device if need be. Seems to be a good quality battery so far, I haven't had any issues with it and it runs forever.