Starting with BeagleBoard/BeagleBone

Hello all,

I am about to purchase and hopefully exploit a BeagleBone board.
There are some open issues to which I have found no immediate answer:

  1. Is is possible to fully debug an application via a network connection with the host? to my understanding a JTAG adapter is necessary to debug the kernel/bootloader. Is this correct?
  2. Which JTAG adapters do you recommend for the BeagleBone?
  3. Which software package do you recommend? I picked up some comments about OpenOCD and eclipse. Are they easily configurable?

Thanks in advance

JTAG may be required for debugging, depending on what issues you have. It is not a rule that you need it.

BeagleBone has the JTAG function built in via the USB connection. It does not come equipped with a JTAG header.

You can use Open OCD or TI Code Composer Studio.



Thanks for your reply. Can you say something about software development tools, namely, eclipse?


Sorry I missed your last sentence. I will have a look into those tools.

Code Composer Studio runs on top of eclipse.



I have been browsing the internet for a while and even contact tincantools and got this reply:

"The BeagleBone board does not come with a JTAG connector installed from the factory. To debug the BeagleBoard you will have to solder a JTAG connector onto the board and remove some of the jumper resistors.

We are currently working on a solution that will use the Flyswatter2 JTAG debugger along with a JTAG converter board and supply a JTAG connector that will work with the BeagleBoard board."

I don’t understand: Can the BeagleBone be debugged using OpenOCD via its USB link, or do I need to solder a JTAG connector?

A XDS100V2 compatible controller is already on the PCB. You do not need to solder in the connector unless you want to use you own external JTAG controller device. This is all described in the System Reference Manual.


Thank you.