State of the Linux Kernel 3.12

Hi all,

I’m developing a setup using two BBB, one as High Level Controller / GUI and one used as Low Level Controller/motor driver board.

For the GUI i would like to use some nice OpenGl accelerated GUI, and I’ve read in some old messages that this should be integrated in 3.12 kernel.

Is there any news in this regard? Apart from USB is kernel 3.12 usable at the moment?

I don't know about the SGX stuff since I've not needed it lately - ISTR
I had trouble getting it to compile & may have given up.

  USB (or at least USB ethernet) seems to work fine for me in 3.12rc4 + tmlind/master - though you may or may not need to frob your device tree;
I'm afraid I've forgotten whether that patch made it yet or not.