Status update

Respected Mentors and other community members,

I was able to achieve the following in the past week:

1)Complete the probe function of the spi driver. I also have written the setup function of the driver. The driver is almost ready. I just have to add the interrupt from PRU-ARM so as to tell the ARM , when MISO data becomes available.

  1. Modified the firmware to add CS and MISO. Also added flags and allocated memory location

for the same. I have got to simply now add code when it is MSB first transfer. This will be achieved by a simple if else condition, the parameters being sent in from the ARM.

I am pleased to report that I am almost done with SPI. I have started working on I2C firmware and am hoping to finish with the firmware by the weekend.

Things to be done:

1)Test the complete SPI structure and click shots of the waveform.

  1. Finish the basic structure for I2C firmware.

Even If I am able to finish the firmware by 3 August, I will have approximately 12 days(before 15 august) to get the driver up too. This will be challenge as I have my college reopening on 1st August. However, I am confident of getting the driver up in that time.



Vaibhav Choudhary