Steady Boot screen in u-boot/Linux No transition

Hello list,

I’m using a BBB with a Chipsee 7’’ LCD display from :

I want to have a steady Boot/Splash screen right from the board Startup untill my Qt/UI application run.

So far I modified succesfully u-boot sources (version 2014.10) to include a Boot logo following the instruction here :

I also modified the default Tux Logo included in the Linux Kernel ( to replace it with mine (same as used in u-boot).

my goal is to achieve that the user does not notice this transition bewteen bootloader and kernel logo, in the fact the kernel is probably during the lcd initialization clearing the u-boot logo and displaying the kernel boot logo (after a certain time).

can someone share if have similar experience ?

Thank you.

Dear Ayoub,

May I ask you if you found a solution ?
I found something that could help at

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