Steps for compiling a c program on beagleboard-xm

I need to compile an opencv program on my ubuntu13.10 installed beagleboard-xm.
I have updated all packages like opencv,libwebcam,vim,eog,etc on my board. I have compiled my program only in my laptop on Microsoft visual studio 2012.
What all steps I have to perform inorder to compile that program on my beagleboard-xm via minicom setup???
Please provide my your valuable suggestions so that i can move forward.
Hoping your reply soon.


Hello hari,
to compile a C-Programm you need gcc (it provides cc,ld,as etc).
Since it comes with ubunto i would assume that you need
"make" an friends also.
the "normal" step are:
1. extract the source (tar -xzf packet.tgz)
2. goto source (cd packet)
3. ./configure -> handle errors, install requested packets
4. make -> complain to the author if something breaks here
5. make install -> see above

hope hat helps,