Stereo Camera Construction

Hi all,

I would like to make own stereo camera using sensor modules without FPGA etc. I don’t need HD resolution and good fps. For my using, VGA and 10-15 FPS should be good.

My idea is, that I will take modules with YUV output, and only Y will be used for processing. So a normal 20 pins camera port could be used. In first D0-7 will be pixel from first and in the D8-15 will be the pixel from second camera. Now there are the questions.

Synchronization: I was thinking about using two cameras in “slave mode” so both of them could be configured and controlled from CPU.
Shutter: I was thinking about Global Shutter so the frames could be snapped just in time using a trigger.

Do you think that the idea is real? Which modules could be used for the purpose? I choose MT9V022 but I am not sure about the slave/master mode.

Thank you for comments.
PS: I am not sure if the BB is good for this. I have also iMX6. The post is about the camera.

So which BB did you have in mind using?


The BB-XM was used, but it was used for starting with LI-CAM-M034 dual module from Leopard. Now, I am thinging about creating own camera module withou FPGA using.