Strange issue with new Debian image for BBB (09-08-2015-lxqt-4gb)

Hi Robert,

I’m facing a strange issue here, that once I have written this new image to the SD Card, and I reboot the device, I am unable to SSH into it further.

The icon on my Ubuntu PC here just keeps on blinking between “device connected” and “device disconnected”. If I configured my PC to have a static IP of always (unlike default DHCP) I can connect to it successfully.

If I reflash the image on the SD card, I am able to connect again but after rebooting my BBB I lose access to the device.

It’d be great if you let me know how this issue is occurring.


It was a kernel config regression fixed in:


However, the issue seemed to persist for me even when I switched to kernel version 3.8.13 - bone74 in the same image.

Should I try another 3.8.13 kernel?