Streaming & Recording at the same time with BeagleBone Black Rev.C

Hi everyone !

I’m totally new in working with the BBB Rev.C. To get more familiar with this dev board, I would like to make a nice project with it.
It may be a little bit complex, but I have a lot of time to do it, and as it uses a lot of parts of the BBB I think it’s nice to start with it even if it’s gonna be tough ^^

Basically, I would like to make a small device that is kind of a surveillance camera, so I would like to stream the video. I would like to stream it on a custom app for Android that I will make. For the camera I’m still hesitating betweek a classic USB webcam (720p @30fps but I can go slightly lower) or a camera that can be plugged on the GPIO ports (I saw some of them for the Raspberry Pi).
But I would like it to be able to record the video while it’s streaming. I think this will be the harder part as I will have to really optimize the code to get decent results.

And for the bonus, I would like the camera to start streaming after you have pressed a button.

I know it’s very similar to what a lot of people have done (for the streaming part), but I didn’t find anything that looks close to my request, recording & streaming at the same time.

I don’t know if it’s the right board to do it, maybe you know some better hardware to do it ?
Do you have any idea for the recording/streaming process ? I don’t know openCV will make it…

Thanks a lot in advance for every answer this post will receive :slight_smile:

And I forgot to mention that I’m still hesitating between saving the video files on an SD Card connected to the Beaglebone, or save the video with the Android app.

What do you think ? Thanks :slight_smile: