Stretch on Bone Black... very slow for you?

I’ve recently installed the latest Debian, with X, (Debian 9.4 2018-06-17 4GB SD LXQT) on a BeagleBone Black.
Clean installation, running off the SD card (not copied to the eMMC).
It’s breathtakingly slow… Idling it reports a CPU load of 70-80%. Top reports lxqt-panel as taking up 16%, and the rest of X a further 8%. 48% is system (although I don’t know what, exactly).

Is it just me? Previous versions where never like that…
It’s pretty well unusable as it stands - any recommendations for alternate window managers etc?

It’s the lxqt-panel… kill that and everything’s ok. Surely someone else has had the problem?

Hmmm… it’s not just lxqt panel. It seems to be everything that uses X - things get very slow updating the screen. XFCE is the same…

Could I be missing some kind of hardware acceleration? I have installed my own kernel (built to the standard config), but I seem to remember the stock one was the same.

I’m seeing the same.
A new guy in our group is running the example blinkeys and is finding the browser is loosing contact with Cloud9. Telnet/Ssh in does keep the link.

I think the slowness is described here.


Thanks Neil.
I can’t follow the link unfortunately - I just get a page insisting that I sign up for a Google mail account!
Any chance you could copy/past the text here, if it’s not too much?