I need more UART for my project, and the best way I heard is by using the PRU.

There is a link about that :

But it say that the driver is built for linux 3.2 . So is it compatible for Linux 3.8 ?

If it is compatible with Linux 3.8, how do you install this driver ? Do I have to compile it ? Or just copy past the driver and put it somewhere ? => git://

I just found out about the existence of PRU, sounds like very interesting !


The PRU has an UART:

I too am looking for a general purpose SUART implemented on the PRU. I have your code and am looking at modifying it. Can you explain what the current code does exactly? I understand that it is interfacing with the GPS and then interupts the linux side but I don’t understand what the PRU assembly is looking for to trigger that interrupt?

Also what do your labels mean exactly?

Any help is greatly appreciated.