Successful Ubuntu Install On Beagleboard xM Rev A2

I want to express my thanks to everyone who had advice and software to guide me through the installation of Ubuntu 10.10 on my Beagleboard xM revision A2. I followed this web page in general:

and now I have a successful GUI installation that is running. I just need to play with Ubuntu and learn it. My major goal is to create a media server for my wife, this will be her Christmas present. Thanks to the many good people who have responded to my questions, I am one step closer to the goal.


Bob Cochran

Hi Bob!

I confirm that Ubuntu runs just amazing at XM! I think even faster than Angstrom does. After I’ve installed all necessary applications the BB transformed into tiny desktop. I like it very much and wonder what can we get from the new AM389x Sitara processors? Even more speed? :slight_smile:

Bob, so could you show pics at a big screen for your wife? :slight_smile:

2010/12/6 Bob Cochran <>

Hi Maxim,

I have not yet started that step yet. I hope to spend some time on that tonight.


Which version of ubuntu did you follow? The "Canonical Pre-Installed
Images" or the "Demo Image"?


Both should work just fine right now, just different groups support
the kernel bits.. ask questions if you have issues...


I am still working on this. I'm just coming back to it briefly today in fact. I moved the rootfs from SD card to a 160 Gb external hard drive, now I need to resize the filesystem so that it sees the whole 160 Gb. (`parted` reports the drive size is 160 Gb but says the file system is something like 3883 Mb. I want to run this through `gparted` to graphically see partition sizes and then resize so it has the entire hard drive.)

Tomorrow I hope to boot off the SD card's boot partition and mount the much larger rootfs partition, and from there, get the media server working for my wife.