sudo ./

In order to run the OS on the SD Card, flash it into the BBB: I went to /opt/scripts/tools/eMMC and run sudo ./ .
After running this file, an error was reported. After I cut off the power, only the power light was on, the other four LED lights were all off, and the PC side could not find the bbb. Now my board is completely unusable.Help me, please.

Did you record the error? That script was written for a specific set
of directions, (1) where you following it at the time? You can always
reflash a factory image (2)..



I ran the file through putty, and I did not record the content of the error. Now my BBB cannot be turned on. There is no response when using SD card to refresh the system. The four LEDs are always off. I just want to make BBB boot and connect to the computer.

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