sudo package missing from recent angstrom?

Yeah, I noticed the same thing. Odd… I’m guessing it’s part of a list that isn’t configured by default on the BeagleBone’s install. If I figure it out, I’ll let you know, but in the meantime you can manually install the package from your link and use opkg to install it.

~ Jason

Okay, yeah, the reason is because for some reason the sudo package is only listed under the armv7a base feed and not the armv7a-vfp-neon base feed which is what BBB uses since those applications are compiled with the extra extensions. If I was more familiar with Ångström, there’s probably some incantation to tell it to supplement the base feed with an alternate feed.


This is likely just an miss from the Ångström folks.

Thanks for the hint. I did the following to install. It is still not in the BBB’s Angstrom repo database for opkg.

  1. downloaded .ipk from on my Mac

  2. scp to BBB from my Mac

  3. Used opkg to manually install.

thanks david!

I have windows and not MAC, do you know how can I scp?

בתאריך יום ראשון, 19 במאי 2013 05:35:53 UTC+3, מאת David Crook:

from the BBB try:



You can download it directly to the the BBB.