Suggestion for Camera and power source that will connect to Beaglebone Black

I am a newbie to Beaglebone black and would like to hear suggestions for camera and power source, for the following requirements :-

1)Camera Requirements

i) Need to capture pictures at a pre-defined time lapse for object recognition and distinction.
ii) No video is required.
iii) Most probably, images are to be captured in day, ambient light(but appreciated if it captures in low light too)
iv)No constraints on size.But as we are making a wearable and portable device, small size camera’s will do better.

2)Power Source Requirements
i)Should be able to wake beaglebone black.
ii)Must be rechargeable
iii)Once charged fully, it should be sufficient to constantly feed BBB with power no less than 2 hrs.

In both (Camera and power source) suggesting cost effective components is appreciated.

Raspberry pi cameras and webcams such as Logitech C310, Logitech C270 can be used for connecting a BBB ???
If used, can they meet the above specified requirements??



Well, the Pi run linux, the BBB run's linux, the C310/C270 uses
linux's uvcvideo driver..

So that answer should be obvious.