Suggestions for development

Hello guys, I’m looking for some suggestions. I received my beagle board last week. Previous to using the beagle board I’ve been spending the last year using TI’s Davinci processor using Monte Vista as the distro. Now I would like to try a new project using the OMAP line. Let me explain my end goal.

I would like to create an application that runs on the beagle board that utilizes openGL and a touch screen display and some other peripherals (spi, i2c, serial, etc.). The idea is that based on some sensor inputs a 3D display is created which the user can interact with via touch screen. Thus my application will be the only one displayed fullscreen. I will probably in the future use some other processes (samba, apache, etc.)

So I’m trying to figure out my options for development. I have experience using Qt, OpenGL, and writing directly to the frame buffer with my own plotting algorithms (Davinci). Should I use Angstrom with a windows manager and write a single Qt application using the (hopefully soon) release of TI’s OpenGL ES 2.0 drivers? Should I just write an openGL application like I did a long time ago in college using GLX, GLUT, etc? What support is there for USB touch screen devices?

Any comments are appreciated. Thanks!