Suitable power supply available in UK

Hi there

Does anyone know where to get a suitable DC power supply for the Beagleboard in the UK?
This is the best one I found:

But I'm sure I read somewhere that the maximum current should be 2A and this one is 2.5A. All the other ones I have found do 4.5V & 6V but no 5V.

Thanks in advance,

The maximum current drawn by the beagleboard is 2A, so any regulated
supply that provides >=2A will be fine. Be careful that you get the
polarity right and that the jack is a good tight fit.
I got my power supply from the local Maplin electronics but they tend
to be a bit pricier.

Good luck


Mark Craig wrote:

I don't know if they're the cheapest, but I use and can recommend
Rapid who stock Power Pax adapters:

I find it much more convenient to supply power via a USB A to mini B
cable, which you can pick up on ebay for next to nothing.