Summer Beagle Workshops at Stanford University July 7/16-7/20 and 7/23-7/27

Dear all,

I am happy to announce two upcoming workshops at Stanford University in the San Francisco Bay Area where we help you get going with Beagle! We make it easy for you, even if you have no experience with embedded linux.

The first workshop is aimed more toward helping you learn how to use embedded linux to build a new musical instrument or a sound art installation ( July 7/16-7/20), and the second one is aimed more toward building an audio effects processor ( 7/23-7/27). While the workshops aim to make it possible even for artists with minimal prior linux experience to use the Beagle, we have many workshop participants who are quite advanced and simply want to do something fun with it. Last year both of our workshops were fully booked, so enroll soon to reserve your space!

By the way, here are some selected prior projects, but please don’t be intimidated by them–we are happy to help you accomplish whatever you want during the workshop:

  • Deckle (by Hongchan Choi, John Granzow, and Joel Sadler)
  • Sync or Swim II (by Scott Smallwood)
  • Bowld (by Ben Broer, Jacob Wittenberg, and Remington Wong)
  • Sound Flinger (by Chris Carlson, Hunter McCurry, and Eli Marschner)
  • Pitch Mirror (by Junji Kuroda)
  • Quadrofeelia (by Jiffer Harriman, Mike Repper, Linden Melvin, and Locky Casey)
  • Daft Datum (by Rosie Cima, Ravi Kondapalli, and Ben-Zhen Sung)
  • Tueb (by Marc Evans, Bjoeorn Erlach, and Mike Wilson)
  • Stompbox demo #1 (by Esteban Maestre et al)
  • Stompbox demo #2 (by Edgar Berdahl)
    We are looking forward to welcoming you. If you have any questions, please contact me at

Warm regards,
Edgar Berdahl

PS. Here is the main project page: They newest (freely downloadable) SD card image we use has an optimized kernel for high quality audio.
PPS. Finally, if you’re in the SF Bay Area and you’re interested in taking the kit for a spin for two hours, then please join us on campus at the Linux Audio Conference (LAC) on Sunday, April 15th at 4PM: July 7/16-7/20 7/23-7/27