Super-quick hack install of mjpg-streamer for Logitech C270

I feel like this is a pretty common application, so giving a quick hack setup on the list might be of benefit to someone. I’ve pasted a how-to at:

There are a bunch of buggy versions of mjpg-streamer floating around, so I wanted to document one that works. I also wanted to document the command-line that works with the C270 as well as how to start-up mjpg-streamer using a udev rule.

To install and run mjpg_streamer on a BeagleBone with a Logitech C270 webcam:

git clone [](
bash 51a4d83c8180e259bcb5661002712166/
install -m 644 51a4d83c8180e259bcb5661002712166/mjpg-streamer.rules /etc/udev/rules.d
install -m 644 51a4d83c8180e259bcb5661002712166/mjpg-streamer.service /lib/systemd/system

Browse to your BeagleBone from a web browser specifying port 8090: http://beaglebone.local:8090