Supplying power through the usb client on BBB


Can i use one of the fast USB chargers like this that have a 5V 2.1Amp output (some even have upto 3.1Amp output) and connect the BBB to them using the USB cable supplied along with the BBB.
I am trying to do this because i am unable to use a Apple USB keyboard and Mouse that i have with the BBB when i power the BBB from my laptop. I found out online that the keyboard and mouse do not work because the BBB does not have sufficient power to supply to the keyboard and mouse. People have suggested that 5V 2Amp power be suppled to the BBB via the external power supply to make the keyboard and mouse work.

So i basically want to know if it is safe to supply 2.1 or 3Amp input to the BBB over its client USB port.

Give it a try. Current is consumed. Not supplied. So, the board only takes what it needs,. You cannot put to much current into the board by having a high current rating.