Symbian on BB

Hi All,
It seems that Symbian has open sourced its EKA2 kernel and they have
it up and running on BB! Has anyone tried it in this group!
I am planning to try it out this weekend.
Would post on the progress here.


Really a good info.


Any news here?


I'm interested on Symbian running on BeagleBoard too.

There some useful information on Symbian developer area

But I didn't have a Windows machine to try out and wine didn't work to
install ARM RVCT 4.0. I expect try again on this weekend (now
following the steps on Windows) and put the results here.


Hi Same thing here... hopefully will try it out this weekend !!!


After installed RVCT 4.0 and Kernel Taster Kit on a Windows XP (SP2)
box I tried qemu (arm-none-symbianelf-qemu-system) and I got
"Application not initialized correctly (0xc0150002)". So I decided to
pass this step and go to Beagle Board setup, but some "sbs" utility
which I don't have.

Do you had any success? I following the procedure described in


Me too ... I have not yet tried it... dont have a windows machine :
( .....
Anyways, I did a quick search in the project dir,

and it seems sbs is a .bat file that gets created..... I would suggest
you to post the question in the symbian forums as well.

I think we might be missing a step or two here...
lets see..

Ok here is the thing,

SBS stands for Symbian Build System. It seems it comes along with the
PDT (not yet sure where to get that ....).
You can check it out in the "Running the Build" section here (http://

It looks more like a substitute/alternative to bldmake bldfiles + abld
build commands.

Please keep this thread updated on your developments ... :slight_smile:


It was quite interesting and easy to work with kernel starter kit... i
had successfully build Qemu and beagleboard images and tested.....

here are the step which i had followed

- Install RVCT 4.0 from ARM

- Install PDT 1.3 above version which includes SBSv1 and SBSv2 tools

- Download the Kernel Starter kit or clone from Mercurial repository

- To Build for Qemu or beagleboard image follow the steps as provided
in the below link