Syncronizing with TWL4030

Currently I achieved a properly configuration of McBSP2 module and I
modified the driver of the Audio Codec.
Actually I'm trying to send info to the codec, (two data numbers:
-32768 ,32767) so that it processes an square wave signal.

My assumptions:
- 8 KHz sample frequency.
- 16 bit data length.
- 32 bit word length.
- stereo mode.
- CODEC_MODE_OPTION = (option 1)
- Master device

2. McBSP2 module:
- Dual phase.Word length = 16 bit Frame length =0 (as spec says)
- Right justified and 0 filled.
- Clocks:
* Obtained from PRCM module (96MHz) Functional clock.
SCLKME bit= 1
CLKSME bit =1
thus , CLKX=input clock.

FSX and FSR are sync signal externally obtained.

3. No DMA communication. Only interrupts and polling.

My problem is:

I write to the DXR register till the number of XTHRESHOLD free
locations are exceeded. But it doesn't seem that the XSR is getting
empty, and I think that it is because neither sync signal nor
mcbsp_clkx signals are reaching the XSR register.

Can anyone help me on this? Or maybe anyone has achieved a DSP
(mcbsp2) <---> codec communication, and can show me his progress?

Please I'm currently at a bottle neck project.