sysfs gpio deprecated?

Hi, I’ve started looking at the sysfs gpio interface and saw some notes that it’s considered obsolete and deprecated. I’m looking for a good pointer to the ABI (?) character driver interface for gpio. I’ll probably find one right after posting this. :slight_smile:

In case I’m not using the right terminology, the sysfs interface is where you go to /sys/class/gpio and echo ## > export to get gpio pins exported that you can then interact with?


The sysfs gpio ABI will be removed from the Linux kernel in 2020. The new ABI uses a character device to represent each gpiochip.

libgpiod started by Bartosz Golaszewski is a good way for userspace code to use the the new ABI:


For any one else who finds this thread and wants to know more, there is a presentation discussion the new interface and libgpiod at: