Teknic and their SDK (or Python3 or C/C++) Along w/ the BBAI-64


I have had some success w/ Teknic and beagleboard.org boards in the past…

  1. I used their SDK for use w/ their motors and controlling them via the BeagleBone Black.
  2. I was thinking on using their SDK again but this time w/ the BBAI-64.

I have a small write up on github which is located at: GitHub - silver2row/Teknic_BBB: Making ClearPath SC-Servos work with the BeagleBone Black

Although that page online does not have much source dedicated to it or any really…

I was thinking of doing something this time w/ it (in time). The reason I type “(in time)” is b/c of the fact that their SDK was meant for older kernels and the driver for Linux may be dated.

Although USB is the main form of peripheral for use w/ their SDK from what is now the BBAI-64, I think using either serial or USB is an okay use case thus far w/ their motor builds.

Anyway, long story short…

If you are not too busy, I would like to try to get this driver up and running w/ the BBAI-64.

So, if indeed you are a person that builds around motors and Teknic specifically, please reply. If you are wanting to not sign up w/ their site online to get the SDK for Linux, okay. I will make it available.

I asked them a while back if making a repo. would be off limits. They said “no” and in fact they were happy that I was trying. The only thing I would recommend is if you plan on utilizing me for their SDK, updates to the SDK are usually made available at some point in C++ 11.

Anyway and yeppers…


P.S. So, if you get bored and want to build around this idea, yes to you! If not, okay. I will try in time.


I am pretty sure w/out the proper hardware, the HelloWorld example will not allow you to see any ports available. So, please think about pitching in and deriving at an outcome…

Also, one can get by w/out everything listed but some items are required.