Terms of Use question

The BBB Terms of Use state:

You may use the board in a product if we approve its use in the design and have access to all design material for our review.

Unfortunately, the term “the board” is slightly ambiguous in the context; does this clause refer to the use of Beagle’s own boards (the kind people buy and you get money for) or to the use of boards based on Beagle’s schematics?

I ask because I’m looking into using the BBB design in a commercial application, and I have to make sure nobody will sue me.

As it states:

All design materials are Open Source and easily accessible. Everything is provided to build your own board. You can make changes as needed or use it as is. It is your product when you use these materials. There are resources available that can assist you in this effort if needed.

You can use the DESIGN any way you choose. But, we do not want you to use the BOARD (labeled as the BeagleBone Black) that that we build in a product for all the reasons we state.

If you use the design nobody is going to sue you. If you take the design materials, all the files, which have no logo on them BTW, you can get anyone you like to make the board. As is stated, we don’t want you sucking up our production capacity to supply you boards. If you want to have the same company that makes the boards for us make boards for you, then you are more than welcome to do so. You build it. It is yours. We build it, then we want it to go to the community purchasers.


That’s what I figured; I was just making sure. Thanks.

Have any more questions, feel free to contact me!