i have three boards, one end device(MTD),one FTD, one NCP with beaglebone black platform. If NCP become leader role as border router, MTD is child and FTD is router, i can’t ping google server from MTD and FTD. i am sure MTD , FTD and NCP in one openthread network. however, if ncp become router role, MTD is child and FTD is leader, i can ping google server from MTD and FTD. Do someone has same experience? and why it happened?
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Second question is: i still have three boards,one MTD, one FTD and one NCP with beagle bone black platform. when i reset three borders, MTD become child, FTD and NCP often easily become leaders. they are two partitions. After waiting several minutes, they are still two leaders in openthread network even if radio are so close. why this case often appears? Thanks a lot.