tft-lcd 7 inch for the bone

Hello, I'm going to try to attach a 7 inch tft lcd to the bone.
The first thing I met reading the screen datasheet is that I have to
feed all the bias the tft myself.
So I have to put the AVDD, Vgth, and Vgtl (negative) , the backlight
led current, the digital voltage and the common voltage VCOM.
As if this wasn't enough the power has to be feed to the lcd sequentally.
I have seen some chips that help to do this task giving avdd,vgth,vgtl
and vcom like tps65105 but it's not in stock anywhere.
Anyone experienced with this knows alternatives? The old chips I have
seen doesn't go up to the 10 volts needed for avdd.


a DC-DC boost IC can do this job. such as

i’m working in, as a LCD/TFT engineer, any question about LCD/TFT, you can write to me.
best regards!

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