TFT touch screen , Other than in LCD cape.

Hello People,
I refer all the documents related to beagle bone LCD cape, I think they used NewHeaven Display. (

But I am going to make my own hardware, and I have a tft display - (

By comparing Beagle LCD cape(already existing), I will take care of the hardware design, and will do changes according to my tft display.
But will I have to also make changes in OS source code / kernel (for hardware that is differ from beagle bone LCD cape)???

I think if we connect already existing beagle bone LCD cape to BBB, then we doesn’t have to make any software change, It run Angstrom and other OS. so cany you please help me ,that for my own hardware of lcd interfacing, will I have to chages in OS source code or kernel?? I am very new to Operating system.
Please help me guyzzzzz…
Thankss in advance…

Chirag Panchal