The best manufacturer for the similar to BB designs

Hello Gerald,

Thank you for your past replies. Now we have faced with another
problem :).

We has developed the similar to the BB design without any additional
technology complexity. And we are going to produce its prototypes. We
are located in Moscow, Russia. But we cannot find any manufacturer in
Russia/China/Taiwan with appropriate prices/capabilities! Everyone we
worked with in the past declined this design. I know that you produced
these boards with very feasible cost.

Could you please help us with this problem? Maybe some contacts of
suited manufacturers in Europe/Asia?

Looking forward for your reply,
Best regards,

All the boards are built here in the US and a very easy to assemble. There are a lot of companies that can build it, but the issue is that they are higher volume companies that are not interested in anything but a certain range. For those suppliers that have never done this type of technology, they may not want to deal with it. In those cases, you need to get the design built by someone already experienced with the technology. Use them as the prototypes. Once they work, you can then take the design to other companies and work them through the process of getting it built, knowing that the design works and seperating that issue from any manufacturing issues…



you're kidding, right?

AFIK, Sparkfun doesn't do contract assembly. And their PCB service can't hold nearly the tolerances you need for a design like the BB. Have you ever used SparkFun? 'Cuz I have, on many boards, and I don't even send them 8/8 design rule, 2 layer boards any more because I don't like what I get back.


yeah that’s a good joke, sparkfun/batchpcb can barely manage to do two layer properly.

I never used them before. I was going to but I may re-consider.


It all makes sense to me now as I remember some breakout boards I ordered not matching the schematic file on their site.

I’m glad I can provide some entertainment though :slight_smile:

So I'm not totally slagging on BatchPCB -- but curb your expectations. Tight tolerance boards are a non-starter, and you end up waiting about 30 calendar days to see boards. It *is* a good deal, though, for mask and silk and 2 layers, if you are willing to wait, and can design your boards with big, fat design rules. But I quit using them, because I decided I'd rather pay somebody for a board that I know will work and comes back in 4 days -- and I usually am working with 8/8 rules which seems to be on the hairy edge for BatchPCB.


they're an ok deal, you get 2x the boards you order because they have a statistical 15% failure rate , but they're not that cheap, they change the finish type without telling you , they tried OSP for a while, add random silkscreening that sometimes covers pads and sometimes they'll mill only rectangular boards, other times will follow what you spec. customer support is pretty much non existent, which they claim is for costs, but some of the others have excellent service and are cheap too.

try silvercircuits/ ezpcb as a cheap alternative, are usa based and pretty cheap too.