The Deck: BeagleBoard/Bone Pentesting and Forensics Platform

Just wanted to give you all a heads up that The Deck, a complete
penetration testing and forensics platform that runs on BeagleBoard-xM
with/without ULCD7 touchscreen & BeagleBone, has been generally
released. Details can be found at my blog, Special Computing also has preloaded
microSD cards, cases and other accessories for The Deck available at Preloaded microSD
cards are available for BB-xM with ULCD7, BB-xM without ULCD7, and
BBone. If you download the install script/archive from my blog it
works for all 3 targets. Be warned that the archive is around 3GB and
that my upload speed on the network my BeagleBone is attached to is
rather low. The uncompressed image is around 6GB, so it will take a
while to write to a microSD card unless you have a nice fast class 10