The Future of BeagleV™ community

BeagleV™ is a developing community from Foundation. BeagleV™ community goal is to support Open Source Hardware boards with the possibilities of the open RISC-V instruction set. This site is where software and hardware developers can communicate about what’s happening at the intersection of Open Source Hardware and RISC-V. We plan to present the BeagleV™ community with sample reference boards to test and suggest changes. Our recent beta development program with the BeagleV™-Starlight prototype is one example.

The prototypes presented to the BeagleV™ community may have the possibility to go to production or they may just be used by the community for education and as targets to further RISC-V software developments. The BeagleV™-Starlight prototype will not be going into mass production, but we are continuing to work on board designs with other RISC-V SoCs.® and Seeed Studio hope to have a new BeagleV™ community board available early Q1.


Why won’t the BeagleV-Starlight go into production?

We ( were unfortunately not able to reach our goals with the the BeagleV Starlight project. Our goals for the BeagleV community are centered around advancing open hardware boards with RISC-V processors, and we are currently working to be present a new design in early Q1 2021.


Massive bummer!
I am currently using Spike, but would like to gen code and test on real hardware.
Are there prototypes still available? Linux w gdb? Framebuffer?

Unfortunately, there are no prototypes available. However, RISC-V International does a have dev board program which aims to provide hardware to developers at no cost:

Here is the form to fill out:

It is preferred that applicants are members of RISC-V International. Individuals can join free of cost:

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Bad timing. I was part of that program but withdrew as they added more entailments, thinking that BeagleV was just around the corner.
Thanks for your continued work, keeping us up to date, and your the quick reply.

Just for the sake of clarity. It appears that the BeagleV, as it was originally conceived, will no longer be released for purchase by the general public. However BeagleBoard may release a different RISC-V processor with a different partner in the future.

Might also be worth noting that StarFive appear to be continuing development of their own RISC-V board: link

As an amateur, but enthusiastic, developer I look forward to having many single board RISC-V boards to checkout.

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