The Sense of Security Against the Potential Risks at a Rig

Intrinsic safety devices are purpose-built to stop potential dangerous sparks or other damaging heating effects when working in volatile environments, be it Zone 1 or 2.

These explosion proof CCTV cameras are essential for continuous monitoring hazardous environments such as gas platforms, providing confirmation that the work environment will remain safe.

In addition, the explosion proof camera are meant to be installed at following industries: Chemical sites, oil and gas facilities, food processing plants and numerous others hazardous environments, such as a chemical factory, Ship tanks, oil field, oil depot, chemical industry, gas, ferry-place, desert, frontier defense.

An ideal high quality ex proof camera should be rugged and minor damage resistant. Our camera glass is made up of high-tech nano material, dust-proof and waterproof, so no need to worry about the work of the glass wiper damage.

Let’s talk about what PTZ Cameras are? PTZ stands for (Pan/Tilt/Zoom) security cameras provide many benefits over standard static security cameras. Such static cameras, the field of view is determined at the time of installation and doesn’t change without a manual adjustment of the mounting angle or a change of the camera lens. PTZ cameras offer you the great flexibility and a simplified installation with their ability to rotate on a 360-degree plane; which means an eye rotating 360 at the workplace.

The best benefit of PTZ camera is that you can take care of everything that’s happening at your workplace, while you’re not there. No matter if you’ve engaged supervisor to monitor the workers, keeping an eye on the progress, your expensive products, and most importantly to record and relay the live feed becomes important particularly in long term projects. Installing the best quality security camera at your workplace is the best idea. Explosion proof PTZ camera can help you to monitor and record your workplace 24*7. But not all cameras are created equally; features vary from camera to camera. PTZ security cameras have successfully helped a lot of people over years.

Here are a few benefits of explosion proof PTZ camera:

Tracking: explosion proof PTZ camera can be installed in areas where ever you want and it can track movements and activities of your employees. You can also keep an eye on a worksite.

Weather Resistant: Nowadays explosion proof PTZ camera is manufactured in a way that they easily survive years of direct contact with natural elements. In fact, most people who are looking to install cameras in difficult locations like high rise buildings, invest their trust in high-quality PTZ cameras.

Night Vision: Explosion-proof PTZ camera is very useful for the night. Night vision is a very important benefit when you need to provide surveillance in an area with poor lighting conditions. The amount of light is critical to capturing a high-quality image. The advanced ex proof camera have the ability to capture images in total darkness.

Panning or tilting: PTZ security cameras are mostly referred as speed domes, and there’s a reason for it. These cameras can pan or tilt in absolute different directions very easily and fast. And regardless of the speed, they are very easy to handle and can move with precision even when focused on far away objects.

Auto Focus: Unlike some cheaper dome cameras, all explosion proof PTZ camera have full range auto focus built in. This feature is mostly overlooked by all but is an essential one for a PTZ camera when putting to use. It holds the ability to help the camera autofocus on suspicious objects. These cameras automatically sense the object or area to put into focus and easily keeps up with the speed of the pan and tilt system.

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