The specify type of the chip used on the beagleboard-XM revB


The main processor TI Chip mark in my beaglboard-XM revB is like below

Do anypeople know what the exactly mean of them or any TI document for it?

BTW, is that mean the chip is OMAP3730 or DM3730 ? Thanks in advance.

BR /Yanbo

You cannot read the part number of the processor. It is covered up by the POP memory. You can find information on this in the System Reference Manual.


Hi Gerald,

OK, Thanks for you reply.
I just want to confirm the chip is DM3730?

Maybe a naive question, What is the relationship between OMAP3730 and DM3730, is there are compatibly each other except DM3730 has DSP but OMAP3730 has not DSP?Or the OMAP3730 doesn’t exist at all but just another call name of DM3730?

I ask them because in the beagleboadXM PCB layout file, there is only show OMAP3730 instead of DM3730.

BR /Yanbo

See this and search “DM3730”.
May help.

There is no OMAP3730....

Got the answer
what is the different beween DM3730 and OMAP 3730?
“marketing” the DM3730 is the omap3630. DM" for developer,“OMAP” for custome

Thanks for all you.

Br /Yanbo

Yes. It is OMAP3430 and OMAP3630 vs. DM350 and DM3730.