The USB host doesn't work

I bougth a Beagle two months ago. Since that day my life change. I can create images in my SD cards (3 diferents cards with diferent capacities) with a lot of linux distributions (amntrong, ubuntu, ...) using all different metods explained in google.code and the final result was I can't acces because the usb connection doesn't work. I send the first beagle to Beagle-hospital and they replace it for a new one. When the new arrive to my home I try it and the same problem. I've connected a lot of different keyboards, mouse and hub and anything is working. I've started a lot of projects in my life but this is the first one I can't start.
My board is a C3 revision and all connections are made using the host usb connection (I've an adapter from mini A to B to use in OTG port and doesn't work too but I think it isn't correct adapter).
I've tryed to sell my board and return it to the seller but nobody want it!!
Next step is take a hamer, broke it and forget the word BEAGLEBOARD.
If some body can help me?

Don't destroy your board! If you plan to, please ship it to me. I'll
find some good use for it or give it to someone else.

Wrt usb: I strongly suggest to follow the validation procedure.
I guess you have serial. If so you might post the bootlog and the
output of some things in /proc, the output of lsub etc.
You might also visit #beagleboard and ask there. Debugging via email
is not really easy...


I have a rev C3 board as well and have found the USB host and/or
drivers to be a bit flaky.

I have a USB Ethernet Adapter, mouse and keyboard connected via a USB
hub. No battery.

Running Angstrom (2.6.29-omap1 #1 PREEMPT) and it boots in runlevel 5.

Here's a brief experience I had that may shed some light:

Out-of-the-box, my ethernet would not be properly initialized. I
would not get the proper routing or nameservers set, or some such. To
fix, I created an "S98eth0" in .../rc5.d that runs "/sbin/ifdown eth0;/
sbin/ifup eth0". That fixed that problem.

But, I have not gotten the proper date/time set automatically at
boot. In an attempt to fix this issue, I tried to rename .../rc5.d/
S30ntpdate to .../S99ntpdate. Well, here's the interesting thing:
that fixed the date/time setting BUT broke the mouse and keyboard. I
no longer could type and/or mouse. (So, I've reverted to .../
S30ntpdate and have not spent any more energy on that issue.)

But, it certainly is curious that the USB and/or mouse and keyboard
drivers would be so affected by such a change.

Just my experience, for what it's worth.