This beaglebone is dead jim

Hey there. Pretty sure my BeagleBone Black is dead but it would be good if someone could confirm. I got it in an OpenROV kit along with an arduino board for controlling motors and other stuff. Everything worked fine for a few days, but then the whole thing stopped responding. I hadn’t really looked closely at the BBB prior to this, so I don’t know if any of the LEDs on the board were lighting up when running but I would assume so. Anyway to troubleshoot the problem I connected the BBB itself to a USB cable from my computer which should power the board but… nothing. No LEDs come on. Not even the power LED over by the 5V power supply connector (which I am not using).

Is there something else I should try? Any diagnostics I could run? Or key points on the PCB where I should check voltage levels? I don’t have the 5V power supply so I’m sortof stuck with USB to power the card.

Just make sure the usb cable will charge a cell phone or any other device to make sure you have power.


Look for the System Reference Manuel that is the same revision as your board.


Thanks guys. I’ve confirmed that the board was dead. Replaced it with a new board and life is good again. Also did give a quick read over the reference manual, which is quite helpful.