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Hi All,

I am currently working on OMAP3530. I am trying to port a RTOS on to the board.

I have a query on Timer interrupt for OMAP3530.
I have enabled the timer interrupt for RTOS which i use. I get the Timer Interrupt as per expected behaviour. At this point of time the Interrupt bit and IRQ Pending in the interrupt controller seems to be set.

Now after handling the interrupt I clear the Interrupt by writing to Interrupt status register (This is said in spec.) Now i find that Interrupt bit and IRQ Pending in the interrupt controller is reset , showing that the interrupt is handled.

Now the problem: Even though i have cleared the timer interrupt i keep on getting the Timer interrupt.This is not a desired behaviour as i have configured for One shot timer interrupt. After the first interrupt the timer is stoped. What might be the problem ?

Important Note: When i single step through my OS i do not get the timer interrupt again and again.The execution seems to be perfect when i single step .
But when i say run it goes and hit at the break point which i have put it in IRQ vector.

Can u help me ? How is GP Timer handled in Uboot. or linux?


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